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Imagining Our Wednesdays

Daydreaming About a Future

By Alex CaseyPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Imagining Our Wednesdays
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Wednesday night

Staring out the bus window

Cloudy skies and a noisy city

Another coffee date

She’d brought her sewing

I’d brought my homework

Watching her move the needle

Pull the thread



Wednesday night

Bus tires on broken roads

Potholes testing the shocks


Introduce her to friends: 6 weeks; now

Introduce her to family: 4 months; later

Screen goes black

Staring once again



Ashamed of me?; No

I’m part of your life; Yes

Then what’s the problem?

It’s not you; it’s them

I met your friends–months ago

They’ll be critical, cold, judgmental

I can handle it; include me

You'd really do that for me?

For us, our future


Wednesday night

Abrupt stops repeatedly

Pulls the attention back

Returning to the window

Watching the motorists

Trying to get where they’re going

We all are

But it’s different for us



I want to introduce you

I want to be introduced

I don’t care what they think

Neither do I

We’ll face it together

I am not afraid

All I want is you

It’s been 4 months; you have me

Always; Always


Wednesday night

Honking horns call attention

Talking passengers

But the view remains clear

While heads rest against windows

Her company is enjoyable

But her walls impenetrable



I want you to meet my family; Why?

It’s time; Says who?

People who treat love as a science

It’s not science. It’s not even art

I don’t want to hide you

Privacy isn’t hiding

I don’t want you to be a secret

Secrets can be good, simpler

Why are you so afraid to be yourself?


Wednesday night

No different than another

Considering the patchwork of our lives

Sewing the pieces together

With creative mistakes

Do I pull at that thread?


Perhaps she did the same

Four months never came

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I'm a full-time educator and part-time writer. My best ideas usually end up on Vocal.

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