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If Tomorrow the Sky Isn't Blue

May it Be Several Shades of Gray

By Shauna MariePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue, I hope it is painted in blissful shades of gray

Gray like the sky as it swells to fill the Earth with its tears

Gray like the calm overcast before a storm

Gray that ushers in the chaos and destruction of lightning and the loud boom of thunder

Gray like lazy, peaceful overcast days

Gray like a blanket in the sky wrapping you up to nap and drink tea in your favorite chair

Yes,  if tomorrow our sky is no longer made of blues and cotton candy sunset clouds, I hope that it is filled with shades of gray

That the sun bows to the majesty of the divine

That the Earth yields its need for the constant blue of the ocean above 

That the wind howls to bring in the clouds that accompany the grayest of skies

If the sky is painted in this luxurious tone may the birds in the sky soar a bit higher, the  beasts of the world stay outside their shelters just a little more, the  weary sailors sit on decks of boats at sea just a little longer without the harshness of the sun or the certainty of the black skies  with the moon at night

For if the sky was no longer blue, but rather shades of gray, I believe that you might see right through the  misty fog , that you would understand the beauty of gray, a new perspective, a shift, a change in the air. 

For if the sky can bow to shades of gray, our minds can bow to the same  ideas that not everything is good nor bad, nor black nor white, nor right or wrong

In the gray exists two paths, converging as one and it is divine and it is whole and it is perfect 

So yes, if tomorrow you wake and the sky isn't blue, come sit in silence with me where the sky is gray too

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