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Ice Slippings : First steps ...

2-times Olympic medalist Gwendal Peizerat shares about his feelings.

By Francis LPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Ice Slippings : First steps ...
Photo by zero take on Unsplash

Sleeps, and all these slips may sound as a dream

Right before our eyes, figures prance and gleam

But this is simply reality

This is only fair duality

Dancers share startling steps for the audience ;

The piste is vast

Moves are so fast!

And they lead our sights,

They shine under lights,

Giving one last stunning blast in cadence ...

(Up) Full of lifting figures ice dance of Gwendal Peizerat and his Olympic partner Marina Anissina, in a play of Romeo and Juliet (1998). They ended the games with a Bronze medal.

(Down) "Suzanna" ice dance, one of the plays that provided them the Olympic Golden medal in Salt Lake City (2002) - a dance that respires.

Find more on his website.

What is the feeling to step on the floor,

To show oneself fore a public and moor ?

Longings and questions are marvels

That advise for downstream travels ;

I risked to seek some

To a golden singer

Whom one day became

A medalist dancer :

I could get answers from Gwendal Peizerat about his experience, through the help of Vidoleo services. Vocal is the first place I share those.

Story n°70 was submitted before the 2022 Olympic Final Event of Ice Dance (Figure Skating heats) in Beijing, scheduled on 14 February 9h15 (local time).


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