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The Last Piste

The ending track of Gaspard Ulliel

By Francis LPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

That was just a play.

How can it end into dust ?

He must lead the way.

Why was it his final thrust ?

I could have trusted lust,

The brittle style of telling things ;

I might have guessed the gust

A simple meal gave busted wings.

Do you remember his start,

As an alias that will go far ?

No more trip at woods for brat -

Do you recall the rising star ?

Now we're strayed fore the church - don't say much!

TV shows, Movies, Theaters ... are over.

Nothing's left undercover.

The timid wolf - on the skiing hill fell down

With no time to feel ill under his gown

Gaspard Ulliel is gone.

Story n°68 was submitted on 28 January, 2022, in memory of the actor Gaspard Ulliel. All links refer to his plays.


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Francis L

Trying to write something, but often a disaster. Mainly short poetry.

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