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Ice and Snow

by Michael Blanco 2 years ago in heartbreak
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A love poem

My shattered life and broken heart is all that's left or so that it would seem

Though I long for hope and yearn for love in a world that's sometimes just a dream

I weep in sorrow for the day tomorrow it's sad and empty and brings me all my fears

And the days keep passing as I keep asking "why?" for all these years

And buried under ice and snow my soul of fire burns no flame

For the chains that hold me... forever hold me, binding all this pain

It's lonely here in this place of dreams and fading light where we once met

And memories like distant ghosts fill the room and then fade away as I slowly must forget

And the looming shadow of my greatest fear is always present in the form of pure regret

Now all I do is wait for something that will never come; As time keeps passing I sit and I reflect


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Michael Blanco

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