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"I'm the One"

Infinite Possibilities: I Am the One Who Shapes

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
 "I'm the One"
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I stand tall, I am the one,

With fire burning, I've just begun.

In the depths of my soul, strength resides,

Unyielding spirit, that forever abides.


I am the one with dreams untamed,

A wild heart that cannot be tamed.

Through trials and tribulations, I rise,

Defying odds, reaching for the skies.


I am the one who dares to defy,

Breaking boundaries, reaching new heights.

Fear may knock, but I won't let it in,

For within me, courage roars like a lion.


In every step, I embrace my power,

Unleashing dreams that blossom and flower.

I'm the one who takes the lead,

Writing my story, fulfilling my creed.


With every challenge, I grow strong,

Resilient spirit, singing its song.

I am the one who dances with fate,

Embracing the journey, no matter how late.


I am the one who believes in me,

Unwavering faith, setting myself free.

Through thick and thin, I'll always be,

The one who believes in what I can achieve.


I'm the one who finds the light,

Even in the darkest of nights.

With hope as my guide, I navigate,

Unfolding my destiny, I patiently await.


For I am the one, a force untold,

A universe of dreams within my hold.

I'll make my mark, leave a lasting trace,

With love, passion, and relentless grace.


I'm the one, a fierce flame that burns,

With endless potential, the world yearns.

So let me shine, let me become,

The best version of myself, the chosen one.

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