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"Love's Bitter End''

"Love's Fading Horizon"

By evansPublished 11 months ago 2 min read
"Love's Bitter End''
Photo by Marah Bashir on Unsplash

In the realm of hearts, where love once bloomed,

There lies a tale of love's bitter end, entombed.

A flame once bright, now smoldering low,

Embers of passion, fading to an icy glow.


We danced in the moonlight, love's sweet refrain,

But now shadows loom, whispering of pain.

The echoes of laughter, now replaced by tears,

Love's symphony silenced, drowned by fears.


With every word spoken, the rift grew wide,

Love's tender bond, now severed inside.

Promises shattered, like fragments of glass,

Leaving scars etched deep, an indelible mass.


Oh, the bitter taste of a love gone sour,

The sweetest nectar turned into a bitter flower.

Aching hearts, tangled in a web of despair,

Love's tender touch replaced by a vacant stare.


The memories we shared, now haunting ghosts,

Love's vibrant colors fading to ashen hosts.

The dreams we nurtured, shattered like glass,

Leaving behind remnants of a love that won't last.


But amidst the wreckage, I find my strength,

Rising from ashes, reclaiming my own length.

For love's bitter end is not the final chord,

But a catalyst for growth, a lesson learned.


I'll heal these wounds, mend my shattered heart,

And embrace the freedom, a brand new start.

For love's bitter end does not define me,

But sets me free, to be all I can be.


So, let the echoes of love's bitter end fade,

As I find solace in the healing cascade.

For within my soul, a fire still burns,

Ready to love again, as the heart yearns.


Love's bitter end is but a chapter in time,

A stepping stone to a love more sublime.

I'll walk this path, brave and strong,

Knowing that love's bitter end was not the end all along.

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