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"The Haunted Dial"

my phone rings at 00;00 hours

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
"The Haunted Dial"
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At the stroke of midnight, my phone rings,

A haunting melody, the night brings.

In the silence, a tremor of surprise,

As time pauses, a connection defies.


The chime cuts through the stillness deep,

A beckoning call from secrets to keep.

In the witching hour, a spectral call,

Summoning memories, both big and small.


In the darkness, its glow pierces the night,

A portal to moments, both wrong and right.

Voices echo from the past's abyss,

Whispering tales with a ghostly hiss.


As I answer, a shiver runs down my spine,

An invitation to the realms of time.

A voice from afar, filled with mystery,

Unveiling secrets, unraveling history.


It speaks of forgotten loves and dreams,

Of triumphs, failures, and silent screams.

Of paths untaken and chances missed,

Rekindling flames that were once dismissed.


Through the wires, tales of joy and despair,

Moments of laughter and burdens we bear.

A midnight symphony of memories untold,

In the darkest hour, they unfold.


But as the clock strikes on, the call recedes,

Fading away, like forgotten needs.

Leaving echoes lingering in the night,

As I grasp fragments, lost in flight.


The phone falls silent, once more at rest,

With secrets shared, in its digital nest.

Yet, the midnight call leaves a mark,

A reminder of stories, both light and dark.


For when the clock strikes the midnight hour,

My phone rings, revealing hidden power.

A conduit to lives and tales unknown,

A reminder that we are never alone.


So, as the night settles and dreams take flight,

I ponder the mysteries of that midnight ring.

Embracing the connection, the stories it brings,

And the magic that awakens when my phone sings.

sad poetry

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