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I Can Hear You

by Patrick M. Ohana 9 days ago in love poems

My True Love

Photo by Ivars Drulle (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Wikimedia Commons

I can even hear you when you are out

walking slowly on the clouds in my heart

I can discern your little feet prancing

over every blue vein and artery

My right ear can hear your heart’s love before

my left ear understands in stereo

Both ears doth love to hear you breathe my name

Je t’aime M Je t’aime M Je t’aime M and

then the Sun comes out from between the clouds

revealing your eyes and your open mouth

to seal a long kiss and kidnap my tongue

until I awake to hear the silence

permeating through each ready eardrum

I put on some Miles Davis but then switch

back to silence to try and catch a muse

I am not sure which one is beckoning

me to jump into the night for my love

Mozart’s Requiem is always a must

A music that I can never wind up

listening to love for a dead father

but often crying for all dead poets

My ears are seldom asleep awaiting

your Lilliputian footsteps on the clouds

that always seem to rise in my blue heart


Je t’aime is simply “I love you” in French. I always laugh when they refer to French as the language of love. As far as we know, Shakespeare, the greatest poet who has ever lived, was English. Dedicated to the most beautiful word, namely Pussy.

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Patrick M. Ohana
Patrick M. Ohana
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