I Am

by Jara Dekker 8 months ago in inspirational

And with that everything is said.

I Am

I am.

With those two words everything is said.

Allow me to explain:

I am not my name,

I am not my hobbies or interests,

I am not my relationships,

I am not my knowledge,

I am not my emotions

I am not my age,

I am not my appearance,

Nor am I my achievements.

What is there then left to say, except I exist.

I am here.

I am.

Through intimacy, through the sharing of my I am with that of others, I exist.

I exist through laughter, through joy.

I exist through creativity,

I exist through integrity.

But ultimately I exist through love.

And therefore

I am.

Jara Dekker
Jara Dekker
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Jara Dekker

A being of movementIn mind, body and soul.Consistently learning,Consistently looking,To take this stoic heartAnd experience allIn a feeble attemptTo appease its curiosity.

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