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Rambling Poetry

By Joseph McCallPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Improvising my fallacies, I will live amongst the believers,I will mock their faithfulness with the impregnation of a destructful mind, and though I am called upon by falsified deities my life will lead to no blissful paradise

The truths of the pandemonium creates holes in all their loving pictures of faith, disputed amongst the realists, this life that I lead has only brought hope through despair. If I am to be whole in my heart, let me be empty in your soul.

This lifeless hostility of these random equilibriums cause ceaseless reactions in my bottomless abyss, I no longer have the perseverance to stride on with you on the outside. I need to keep you inside me, so you can feel the fuel that burns within, once you feel it, let it consume you, you will become mine eternally, I will burn you up inside me and watch as the flame spreads to my heart and my life finally ends as I wanted it to, with your ice cold heart, burned and disappointed by the infernal cavern inside me, I watched you die inside me and I inhaled your last breath of purity and became oblivious to life, and with that I leave you and no longer hunger for blood


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Joseph McCall

Start writing...i prefer to right poetry but i aspire to write full novels i need money to go to college for creative writing to pursue my talents

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