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Welcome to My World


By Joseph McCallPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Before You Just Dig Deep Into My Brain

There is Some Knowledge You Must First Obtain

I Don't See As You Do In Your Head

Most of My Thoughts End With Me, Dead

So If You Are Scared of Death

You Best Take a Quick Breath

And If Darkness is Thou Fear

Then Seek No Further Near

For In My Mind is a Rambunctious Mixture

Once Seen Your Cheek Will Float Upon Your Tear

Mixing Your Blood With Mine in a Curious Murder/Suicide Scene

Like Nothing You Have Yet Seen

So If You Have Care Like You Say

Welcome Yourself Humble and Stray

For Even Though My World is a Raging Night

You Will Make It Through Without A Fight

So Let Us Embrace in Diabolical Rapture

And My Heart You Must Capture

If You Succeed

My Heart Will No Longer Bleed

So Welcome to My World

Take in the Exuberance of the Nothingness

Welcome to My World

Stay and End My Loneliness

sad poetry

About the Creator

Joseph McCall

Start writing...i prefer to right poetry but i aspire to write full novels i need money to go to college for creative writing to pursue my talents

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