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Homeward Bound

by Joe Nasta 12 months ago in sad poetry
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poem about the light on the ocean at night

There is yellow in the dark

grey & it is enough.

I said it is enough.

At Starbucks I thought briefly

about patterns, tessellating light

on mid-Atlantic even late

when most would assume

darkness. I sabotage every

relationship with men I’ve had

but in non-particularly individual

or unique ways. Well, all to be done

is recognition and I continue.

It feels good to be so lucky.

Erick reminded me we could

be so much worse than we are

when we videochatted thousands

of miles from each other. We

don’t have to be, and are never

alone. I used to think poems

were important but they’re

only words for bodies, move

ment, light and air captured

in the water droplets we pool

in our hands, lift to our faces, and drink.

sad poetry

About the author

Joe Nasta

Hi! I'm Joe (ze/zir), a queer multimodal artist and writer. I work in Seattle & I write love poems.

@roflcoptermcgee on Instagram

@joenasta on TikTok

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