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Poseidon is so unforgiving

By Anna TorresPublished 8 months ago β€’ 1 min read
Photo by Alex Antoniadis on Unsplash

A journey that's taken decades to complete

A journey that has kidnapped and hoisted me on an altar of martyrdom

I can't give what I don't have

I have sacrificed my youth, my pride, and my vanity

I didn't miss the close-ups of your face until it was too late

I cannot ask you to wait for me after all that's has been said and done

These voices of purgatory lure my men and I to our doom

One succubus is all it took for us to surrender

I lament the courage I had to fight off any misdirecting notion

I failed the Gods and now, they have corrupted me

I didn't miss the scent of your hair until it was stolen from me

In what world are you and I destined to wake up next to one another again?

Is there any hope left for us in the here and now?

Is Here gone? Is Now over?

A perilous whirlpool has tamed my senses

My spellbound ship is seeking out its fate among the voices of the damned

My men are ravished

I am tired from war and from the leagues between us

One delay has multiplied into many

Will I ever see your face again?

Memory has already eroded away any lingering facade

Like the waves that cause havoc,

I am on a journey that will not pause

Poseidon, have mercy on me

The Mediterranean was once captivating to me but now I'm just sick of it

This journey has kept me from home for far too long

End my suffering

Lead me back home

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Anna Torres

I’m a 36-year old wife and mother. I love reading, metal music, and writing. I have bipolar depression and have begun writing again since 2019

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