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Heavy Metal

I like it heavy

By Anna TorresPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Heavy Metal
Photo by Claus Grünstäudl on Unsplash

They believe its just noise

It makes zero sense but maybe it’s supposed to

You find your own meaning in every death-metal growl, every deathcore snarl

Ethereal vocals meshed along a fault line

You just gotta take that plunge and get lost in the heaviness

It defies any definition but it’s cathartic all the same

I listen to escape the chaos in my head

I perfect the tranquility, I outlast the extremity

Distorted aggression but ounces of melodic atmosphere

I live for the passion in these words, the vivacity in these voices

We come together in the bliss that is this heaviness

It seems forbidden but its welcoming

It seems foreboding but its revolutionary

I like it heavy, simple but true

I like the growls that feel like a tiger’s throbbing tongue

I like the drop-D tuning that feels like a volcano exploding

I like the fast guitars and furious drum beats

We have a camaraderie that cannot be replicated

I get lost in the moment and suddenly, hope is reborn

There are endless more worlds to conquer

There are an infinite amount of skies to observe

I am not done with this moment nor the next one

I let my passionate fierceness erupt in a flood of purification

I am cleansed, I am relieved

I am restored

Oh wicked demonic Muse, sing to me

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Anna Torres

I’m a 36-year old wife and mother. I love reading, metal music, and writing. I have bipolar depression and have begun writing again since 2019

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