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by Lissa Jean Johnson about a month ago in heartbreak
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A place within one’s soul

Home (A place within one’s soul)

Is Home in the arms of a loved one?

Is home a place that you feel safe?

Or Is “Home” the chaos you grew up in?

Is “Home” the constant yelling, and degrading insults?

Is “Home” the feeling of never being enough,

Is “Home” the slap to the face before school?

Is “Home'' constantly worrying, wondering, when your

Next meal will be?

Is “Home”a toxic parent,

Someone who manipulates you before you can

Even understand what manipulation is?

Is “Home” something that is taught to us

Without even knowing it?

Is “Home”, looking for similar situations

That remind you of “Home”?

Do we look for the chaos in others to feel

Like “Home”?

Home to me was in the embrace of a friend's mom.

Home to me was in the smile of the cashier.

Home to me was in the teenager who saw a scared

Girl, and walked me to safety at a basketball game.

Home to me was in my boss who answered my call

At 10:30 at night to help find a spare tire for my car.

Home was in the friends who taught me

Love, kindness, and forgiveness.

Home was in the school teacher who stayed

Later just to help me, one student, who struggled.

Home for me was never in one person, or one place.

Home was in the small acts of kindness from others.

People who showed me that there is good in the world.

That is “Home”.


About the author

Lissa Jean Johnson

I have a desire to inform the world about the effects of child abuse and how it can alter the development of your brain and leave the child with a life sentence, that was 100% preventable. .

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  • Angelina F. Thomasabout a month ago

    Pretty good. Keep up the great work. Thank you for writing.

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