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Home Cooked Meal

by Grayden McIntyre 5 months ago in social commentary
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(a coming of age poem)

I come home

to this.

I’ve slurped a thousand

spoonfuls of your stew.

They all tasted the same.

A pinch of salt,


Softened carrots,



Well I’m a pescatarian now.

You’ll have to cook a separate batch.

I don’t care

if you cook it the same time as the beef batch,

In a separate crock pot,

In the same crock pot

before the beef goes in,

Or whatever the method.

But if you want me to gain nutrition

from your cooking,

And if you’re going to keep cooking

The Same Old Thing,

I can’t eat it lathered in beef.

I can’t eat the beef,

And I will not just pick the beef out.

The whole stew always drowns

in the beef’s ooze


I only eat fish now.

No beef.

social commentary

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Grayden McIntyre

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