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By Rebecca SmithPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

What does ‘home’ mean to me?

Living peacefully by the sea?

A simple house; bricks and mortar?

Or is it something, someone, much bigger?

Would it confuse you if I said

that I had no home?

No place of comfort, nowhere of my own?

No building, no person, no safe-haven in sight –

I don’t have a home. Nowhere feels right.

No safe person, no favourite place –

No cosy sofa, no saving grace.

I used to have a maternal figure

whose love felt like home.

But now she’s moved on and I’m all alone.

A seaside town once seemed a possibility,

However now, there’s no chance, unfortunately.

Home to me is somewhere warm and secure,

Somewhere worth getting excited for.

A place to heal when your health isn’t great,

A place to relax, in any state!

But for those of us who have nowhere,

The whole idea seems quite unfair.

Everyone should have a place,

Somewhere fun, warm and safe.

When life’s detritus gets too hard,

We need a home to breathe and recharge.

So whilst most people will tell you all about

their idea of home,

Spare a thought for us who are fending on our own.

sad poetry

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Rebecca SmithWritten by Rebecca Smith

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