Hollow Drum

by Chloe Short 6 months ago in heartbreak


Hollow Drum

Mum I'm crying,

Dad I'm on the floor,

My friend where were you?

When he bit into my soul?

When he smashed my china doll skin?

I thought he would protect me from

the monster under my bed.

I did not know it layed beside me,

pulling at my hair.

I let my heart stop so I could feel numb,

I tore it out blood and organ,

my chest

a hollow drum.

I let him play its tune,

a low empty hum.

Every hit deepened the bruise

And his face smiled

He was amused.

A gun he held to my temple

my hands began to tremble.

As his hands chocked the blood from my wrist

As he deepened his pure black kiss.

- Rose's Kiss

Instagram: roses_kiss_xx

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Remember always reach out to someone if you are in a domestic abuse relationship or have experienced sexual violence, you don’t have to go through it and someone will be there to support you xx

Chloe Short
Chloe Short
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