Ocean's Kiss

by Chloe Short 6 months ago in sad poetry


Ocean's Kiss

Oh sweetheart

I fell in love with the ocean's kiss.

It's biting and crushing lips.

I learnt to love it's sting

When it pressed the salt into my heart broken strings.

I love it when my heart drowned

as I knelt before my ocean, my equal crown.

The Ocean's kiss stole my air

and yet the world told me that this is fair.

The Ocean's kiss made me freeze

as my dress showed my knees.

The Ocean's kiss numbed my mind

as I have no need to comment or reply.

It's great gushing kiss made me choke

I knew that I should have never spoke.

I fell in love with the Ocean's kiss

but don't be fooled by its mask of bliss.

- Rose's Kiss

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Chloe Short
Chloe Short
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