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His Presence Satisfies

by Aleeza 9 months ago in love poems
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Yet I Still Long For More

His Presence Satisfies
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


Who is this man?

His aura draws me closer.

I cannot contend.



What is happening?

His eyes capture mine.

I cannot turn away.



How, when we have only just met?

His expression reflects mine.

I am embarking on new ground.



Has this bond already sealed?

His being is calling mine.

I cannot resist.



Have I never known tranquility?

His presence alone calms me.

I release all else.



Is this what they call home?

His warmth covers me like a blanket.

I’ve never felt someone from a distance.



Did I only start living?

He draws out the excitement.

I feel young again.



How can this be?

His presence satisfies.

Yet I still long for more.

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Love to write. Love to connect. Love to learn. Love to observe. My writing is my bio. I am found in what I write, I am in the music that surrounds me, I am the reader in reflection.

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