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Until Love At First Sight

by Aleeza 9 months ago in love poems
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Became Love’s Last Sight

Until Love At First Sight
Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

I remember the song playing in the background- Lady in Red.

I remember the meal on the table - chicken parmesan and Caesar salad.

I remember the friends I was with - Frank, Wanda, and Uma.

I remember the clothes you were wearing - those sexy black pants.

I remember the sounds in the room - people chatting and dishes clinking.

I remember the look you gave me for the first time - across the room.


That look spoke more clearly than a thousand words.

That look touched me more lovingly than any hands ever had.

That look melted my heart faster than even the cutest puppy.

That look breathed life into me that I didn’t know I was missing.

That look awakened a dormant spirit with an electrifying pulse.

That look squeezed the air out of my lungs and breathed in purer.


Those seconds became those minutes.

Those minutes became those days.

Those days became those years.

Those years became those memories.


The love that sparked at first sight,

Kindled an enduring flame.

One that warmed us as we stayed close.


That love that sparked at first sight,

Grew to warm our offspring as well.

It kept us close as we huddled together.


The fire burned bright and long.

It burned as life kept it aflame.

Then unwelcome shadows mocked us

As the embers dimmed our view

And coolness encroached our circle.


Until love at first sight

Became love’s last sight.

And the joy that was my center,

The eyes that gave me sight,

The breath that gave me life,

The arms that held me up,

Departed to a world beyond.


The love that creates life

Never dies,

But when your other soul dies,

So do you,

Even if you are still living.

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Love to write. Love to connect. Love to learn. Love to observe. My writing is my bio. I am found in what I write, I am in the music that surrounds me, I am the reader in reflection.

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