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His Love

by Ecarg Nosive 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Listen to us.

Wallow in your sadness and see where it takes you

To the depths then you’re breathless

Now all you do is lose

Scream but the void reels you in

No one can hear you

Shout but you’ll just be confused,

They’ll stop caring if you start loving your truth

Truth be told you’re not lonely

You have the company of the reaper

But you choose this

Every time you look in to his eyes deeper

Enchanting nothingness with no pain

It seems easy to evacuate

Since all you do is complain

You never try to let go of his hand

As he’s leading you to your grave

Intertwined fingers with the one who takes everything from you

You adore the way he’s always there

Brings you comfort when you’re blue

What you don’t understand is he will never love you

Not the way you do him

Seems a lot like the relationships you already have

Why do you trust he’ll do different

He won’t end your suffering

He’s the one that creates it

Takes the light out of the stars

Leaves you in the darkness to wonder why you are

Surround yourself with people who

Make you shine

Leave the dimming demons behind

They’ll manipulate you until you’re gone

Once you’re gone you can’t change what went wrong and your memory will be that of a sorry loss

It starts with you realizing how much you’ve let him lead you on

Just how much you fell in love

Admit it to yourself, you let yourself go

Killed off your soul so behold the corpse you let him make you

Skeleton, all bones

No human flesh to keep warm

All he does is break you

You’ve mistaken

Just exactly how strong he is

Scold yourself

Take control

Don’t seclude yourself and be alone for him

Ask for help and ignore his shit

He doesn’t have your best interest

Never has

You just like having companionship

But if you listen to him

You’ll still end up with no home

He’ll never take care of you like your loved ones

You just have to listen and do what you’re told

It’ll take strength to rip him apart from you

But trust me, it’s better than hanging the noose

Accept that you let him define your conclusion

Left you feeling like you have no reason

You are so much more than his beating

Open your eyes

You’re bleeding

Cuts so deep

No retreating

Bath tub full

You’re leaving

Giving yourself to him

No breathing

You sit cold

As lifeless as you felt

You are gone

But you did this to yourself

Bleed out some more

All you needed to do was ask for help

Listen to the words people who love you felt

You let him win

I’m sorry for your loss

You were so loved

A tragedy at best

Wish you could have solved

His manipulating mess

But I guess you loved him more

So now you rest in pieces

I just wish you would have believed us

Before you had to go and leave us

sad poetry

About the author

Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 25 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts.

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