For all my life all I knew was pain and hurt

My feelings meant nothing, I was treated like dirt

I promised I'd never feel then I'd never break

I was so tired of tears for heavens sake!

The light faded away

I isolated myself every day

One day the light came back into sight

It was beautiful and bright

His voice brought the butterflies to inside me

His laughs and compliments made me happy to open up and again and see

His presence was the saviour of my heart

I felt like I was back to when I wasn't in pain at the start.

It turned grey in an instant

He suddenly felt cold and distant

To find out a woman more beauty and pure

Was more of a key to his hearts door

My light had tore

I wanted to be with him forevermore

This bright colour he made me regain

He made me fall again he made me insane

He is what I truly desire

There's nothing else I admire

I don't want to lose this happiness, not now, not ever

But I should've known nothing lasts forever.

Shanece McCormick
Shanece McCormick
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Shanece McCormick
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