by Emily Rose Flowers about a month ago in surreal poetry

35mm Musings


Moments — There are so many in a single day. Let alone a lifetime. Some euphoric. Some a shit time. Some pure bliss. Others simply are what they are.

There are life altering moments. Awkward moments. Magical ones. Crazy-absolutely-fucked ones. Moments of light. And of darkness. Of complete peace. And of pain.

Life hey — A constant tension of moments yin and yang.

... All so fleeting. Except moments of love. They remain. Eternal. Threading our hearts with gold.

This blurry moment perhaps is exactly what it is — a playful morning exchange between two newly acquainted lovers (witnessed by a larger than life sized Buddha).

Though, for the blurry gold hearted woman herself, it’s a hijacked moment. Not just of her camera. But of her heart.

To the hijacker, You cheeky monkey! This moment is difficult to reconcile. Because to be frank. You still have her heart.

Please handle it with kindness. And respectfully return it, in a now less blurred moment of time.

surreal poetry
Emily Rose Flowers
Emily Rose Flowers
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Emily Rose Flowers

A human flower. By name. And nature.

I’m compelled at the moment to use my 35mm film photos as catalysts for written musings.

Someone once told me, “any experience not reflected upon is lost”. This is an attempt to keep my experiences vivid.

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