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her music still plays on

by AJ Birt 14 days ago in heartbreak
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By AJ Birt

Hands and heart are numb

Fingers curled, hair askew

“Why’d you have to do it, Mum?

Why’d it have to be you?”

Chords of love connect us.

My hand is held as we cross the road

Our singing is superfluous

But our love? it glowed.

Merrily we sing

every line, every word

Couldn’t care about a thing,

just our voices to be heard

The wind screams, the trees moan,

The rain whips into my pain.

How can one go home

when it’ll only be empty again?

I hear her playing.



My mind decaying

Her hands on mine

My body swaying

No time for praying

I don’t have time

when I trip

and fall

“Coming, Mum!”


About the author

AJ Birt

History nerd who likes to live in a fictional world... also pretty gay.

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