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The sky fades to a blue background


By billPublished 28 days ago 1 min read

There's never been a twilight like this. The plane cuts through the sky.

The mountains and clouds melt into a silent whisper

the stringy moon like the palm of your hand. The gullies are deep

Starlight crumbs shake on the military uniforms

the rocky gravel of the solstice fades cold on your chest

Dewdrops at the tips of the grass flutter on your eyelashes

The evening breeze holds the chill like two locked eyes

Longing to be a river, a lake or a galloping wild horse

"and return to the stables after wandering to the ends of the earth.

For the moment, they are silent in their subtleties.

Their dark complexion comes from forests, plains and mountains.

The scent of pine needles on dead leaves.

Arms folded above our faith

If you live, we live.

nature poetry

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