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by Shannon Moriarity 5 years ago in sad poetry / inspirational
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Sometimes you have to face reality that you might be your own worst enemy.

She is handsome,

Strong-minded and intelligent.

She can make you stand still

breathless, the wind taken

by her flawless, gentle hands.

She is cunning,

fighting and getting everything

she has ever wanted.

Words so convincing,

gripping tight to reach the top.

She is your best friend,

laughing and supporting

a shoulder to lean on

when the world comes crashing,


She is manipulative,

quick like the strike of

a snake, stings and bites.

You never saw it coming.

She is evil,

dark clouds raining

on any hopes, any dreams

broken by her control;

you can't make the rain stop.

She is you,

and you, her.

She is not your best friend

but your thoughts, tears

or your biggest fears.

She is you,

and you only feed,

add fuel to her fire.

don't fuel the fire.

don't fuel the fire.

sad poetryinspirational

About the author

Shannon Moriarity

A 24 year old originally from Vermont, moved to North Carolina and just wants her voice heard.

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