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Brick and Mortar

by Shannon Moriarity 5 years ago in love poems
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You break it down, break me down.

We will go down together

Walk with me down the empty street

because the deafening silence isn't so lonely

with the sound of your heartbeat.

I built these walls

long before you ever came around.

I thought it was strong,

a brick and mortar barrier

protecting the world of who I am

but I was wrong.

You break it down,

break me down brick by brick

and now I'm all yours to see

every part of me,

wrapped up on your arms

the only protection from the world

I'll ever need.

Won't you run away with me tonight

So I can listen to the sound

of your heartbeat forever

We will run and never be found

We will go down together.

We will go down together.

love poems

About the author

Shannon Moriarity

A 24 year old originally from Vermont, moved to North Carolina and just wants her voice heard.

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