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by Shannon Moriarity 5 years ago in sad poetry / surreal poetry
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10,000 Pieces Weigh Heavy

Like the lingering breath of coffee

sweet and bitter

she walks down the hall,

books clutched close to her heart,

holding on to all she really knows.

Because everything else is too much.

A 10,000 piece puzzle

she can't put back together.

10,000 pieces weigh heavy

in her pockets.

Everyone else just figured it out,

to them it's easy.

But it seems easy,

easier said than done.

Because to her

it feels like her piece to the puzzle

will never fit.

She'll never fit,

a broken piece she can't fix,

a question she can't answer,

a puzzle she can't solve.

sad poetrysurreal poetry

About the author

Shannon Moriarity

A 24 year old originally from Vermont, moved to North Carolina and just wants her voice heard.

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