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Heart of wax

by Katrina Cain about a month ago in surreal poetry
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A short poem from an outcast

Heart of wax
Photo by Fernando @cferdophotography on Unsplash

This heart of mine

Was once a candle,

It became a wildfire

It was too much to handle.

The flame disappeared

They realised I was broken,

Only silenced remained

And my words unspoken.

I tried to fit in this world

And find my home,

The more people learned

The more I felt alone.

I became an outcast

The freak of the street,

All because I chose to march

To my own beat.

Earth found me there

Digging my own grave,

It showed me freedom

I didn't have to behave.

This heart of mine

Is now left with cracks,

The fire that once burned

Is nothing more than wax.

surreal poetry

About the author

Katrina Cain

My writing is filled with passion and love. Blog: www.thedarkestfairytale.com

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