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Hatshepsut’s Beard

She began wearing it daily alone with the child furthermore

By bishnu prasadPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Hatshepsut’s Beard
Photo by Tim Swaan on Unsplash

Early days in the wake of grieving her dad

it sat in its purple-stained case

over the child in his support

seeming to be a removed horn

or on the other hand a bladeless knife

than a custom characteristic of masculinity

so little in her long-fingered hand so clumsy

It stuck on without whine

a paste of matured grain

that dried clear even alleviated the skin

She began wearing it daily alone with the child

furthermore, as far as concerns him the little sovereign cherished

to reach up and smack at it

laughing and feigning exacerbation to follow

Thus basically when she'd summoned the willpower

to wear it into the royal chamber

the baby in her arms

barely cared about it

She asserted his quiet

as her most memorable indication of heavenly right

Consultants couldn't contend

with the future lord

this child who could isolate

the two creatures in the body

one without a facial hair growth

who snuggled, indulged, and cooed

also, one with the gold-grouped chamber on the jaw

who grasped him carefully shrouded

where he rested

against the snarl behind her sternum

the shaking

of her shoulders

as she flung one arm wide a finger

furthermore, an equal jaw pointing where the specialists

cut her resemblance

with long eyelashes little bosoms

no sprinkle of paste on high cheeks or jaw

performance poetryhumorfact or fiction

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  • Test5 months ago

    That was some fantastic writing! I enjoyed it immensely.

BPWritten by bishnu prasad

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