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Happy New Year! Merry New Bed!

My wish is to get a new Bed. To embellish my room for the New Year.

By Francis LPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Happy New Year! Merry New Bed!
Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

I need calm. So I claim "I need a bed !"

I need to reconnect, to be leaded

So I could keep my self-control be led

Into a new Morning - fair and splendid

With freshness, sweet mind, delicate gesture

I'd wake up softly - I'd move gracefully ;

So the sun will cuddle with slow pressure

My cool body - lullsome lain, beautifully

By arjun krishna on Unsplash

How can I escape its appealing form ?

I feel I would get one more hint of trust

With its presence by my side - clean - out dust

Its shine will give a fresh breath to transform

I'm feeling good, for knowing it could stay

Merely into my dearest room, and lay

Next to my living paths - next to my stuffs

As it would keep any of my shy puffs

I like its softness, I love its smoothness

Truly shared into that sleeping setting

I might welcome whomever love - confess

There, random deep thoughts - whatever thinking

Will I hide some lie ? It would remain still.

Will I lay things dirt ? It would smell those mild.

Will I jump on it ? It would last tranquil.

Will I break into ... ? It would greet that child.

I promise to be wise when onto it

I will draw a clever room just for it

I believe I'll soon wholly benefit

Of its clever shape that provides good fit

The more I think, the more I imagine

How its attendance could enhance my health

And I know it wouldn't strain my whole wealth

So I'd end blessed sensing wool or jasmine

That - would be my fairy land to make dreams

Miracles, wonders, marvels, and visions,

That - would be my best place to conceive reams

To travel through times and far illusions

This would be location to exercise

It would meet few of my aspirations

That would be a great scenery to rise

New pictures, new projects - inspirations

Onto my future friend, I would figure

How to speak with people - how to relate

Within its upcoming presence, be sure

I would lower my chances to be late

This spot would sometimes get used as a desk -

Don't ask me to do things in other way!

That berth with duvet wouldn't be "burlesk"

If I might wright here a Norwegian say.

By Andrea Davis on Unsplash

You have understood my existing wish

To buy a new furniture so unique

That would paint my daily life more stylish

And bring strength - power - rest to my physique

I hope to hop over its soft cover

But I should wait until the buying time

I'm full of fever - Wait to discover

How much its ownership would be sublime.

By Tezos on Unsplash

Money is needed - I got some of it ;

I surely will spend a small part to fit

My desire to grab peaceful moments

With that relaxing bunch of components

Money is happy - I'll drop some of it ;

I'll attend to lullabies - those on hit

Onto that coming clever confidant ;

So I'd grow joyful on that assistant ;

By Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Come on one day! - I'll let you try that soft

Responsive, supple, graceful, gentle mate ;

Come on for sure! - I'll let you wright aloft

With floating pillow feathers, your love state

I'll tell it one more time - as I'm in shop,

I'm getting to the point I can't elope :

I must buy it - that impressive bed,

That thing bringing luck for once sloping year -

"Happy New Year!" and many wills to hear

Today, the day after - So we should to wed ...

By bruce mars on Unsplash

I need calm. So I claim "I need a bed !"

I need to reconnect, to be leaded

So I could keep my self-control be led

Into a new Morning - fair and splendid !

Story n°64 was submitted on Wednesday 18 January, 2022

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