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Poem and photo inspired by love and growth.

By Nagoh Creative (Greg)Published 25 days ago Updated 25 days ago 1 min read
Image by Nagoh Creative (author)

it’s just enough to watch you grow

so tall, so well, the sunlight knows

each time the wind grabs your face

another smile to remember a place

the blue sky falls on to this day

if time stopped you might stay

so grow with me, my love of mine

keep showing me an endless time

together we shall build a new

field of memories for me and you

Falling in love and finding someone to grow with is a wonderful experience, but also scary. We all dream of that safety, but sometimes it can come with pain and hurt, but we hope that in that struggle more growth happens. I am always fascinated by the speedy growth of wheat fields. This is why I used this picture for this poem. They are so amazingly beautiful as they come into harvest. They can be a luscious green early on, and then mature into a golden sea of color for harvest.

Author Note: Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing. My writing is a part of my healing process. I am a broken spirit, a fallen sinner, but I am a forgiven child of God. That is why I share my vulnerability and heart with all.

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About the Creator

Nagoh Creative (Greg)

Writer, Poet, Astronomer, Photographer & Encourager. I am on a road of life recovery and sharing my journey with words and art. Most importantly, I am a forgiven Child of God, Husband, Father, & friend. All work is my own, & God's Glory.

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran24 days ago

    Such a wonderful poem and a beautiful photo!

Nagoh Creative (Greg)Written by Nagoh Creative (Greg)

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