Goodbye, My Friend..

by Tori Russell 2 years ago in sad poetry

Written By Tori Russell

Goodbye, My Friend..

I don't know how & I don't know why

I never noticed your silence.

Now here I am in aching tears

Standing before the sirens.

Why did you have to go?

Why did you take your life away?

Was there anything I could've done

To take all your pain away?

It's too late now & I'm ever so sorry

If I ever let you down.

I know this means nothing now.

You're gone & my heart feels shallow,

Like the ocean before the tide.

Why did I not feel the pain

That you always felt inside?

I wish I noticed the signs

& it's too late to apologize for being so blind

But I'm sorry…

I'm sorry that life failed you.

I'm sorry that there was nothing

That anyone could do.

Your mental demons have won the war

& soon became your end.

So, as I stay here on my knees,

I say with love, goodbye, my friend…

-Tori Russell

sad poetry
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