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by devil racer 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Poem of a Deviled Mind

one rose, one world. and all has been mistaken. light breeze summer heat as a pedal falls down to the ground as it lays in a righteous pathway it is foretold that here in this garden my heart you hold my soul you stole, and all has been forgotten. why dose your presence dwell on my mind? I feel I'm falling out of line. this is not me, but then again who is me? who am I? will I find, will I find the one who belongs in my life? or a game its all a game, I am just a lie. forgive me, forget me as I intend to do. for you are too much, too much- too much. I wish you out of my head out of my heart, out of my life- I cant try, I cant try I cant be the one you want. in this world, this cold, cold world, I don't mean much I am not much, for this much I must say...

… goodbye.

sad poetry

About the author

devil racer

Writing poetry for 20 + yrs. My work is very dark, I have my own views and express them insanely deep with my poetry.

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