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The Untold Visions

by devil racer 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Poems of a Deviled Mind

Dig your grave

You dirty slave

Don’t walk in to my dismay.

Stay away!!

Can’t you see?

Never can you be as Malicious as Me!

Your life began Disturbed,

As your mind became perturbed.

Now when you talk you slur,

It all begins to blur...

Stay in your own vacant world

For the Essence has vacated your presence,

And you fell in to a Delusive state

Looking in the broken glass

becoming what you hate.

A Reflection well unknown,

That grave is surly your own.

While darkness answers to My Beckoned call,

As Evil lifts Me beyond the small

Cloaked in Dement I stand Tall…

Ripping the Halos

From the tormented Angels,

Cleansing your Visions of what’s Untold.

Your life is clearly a joke,

Yet you still try to hold on.

TwiSting around

deep in side that vacant vessel

A useless muscle,

Your Soul died the day you arrived.

Steeling what’s not yours

The attention you adore

Only because in my eyes


Not deprived…

You show me no surprise,

I stand Revealed

I need no Disguise.

Look in to these Eyes;

You’ll see death.

My premonition will be your gift.

The sad life you have left.

Alone and cold will eventually inset.

Be my guest, take the rest,

Please I Insist…

Don’t you see?

I always knew you were a joke,

So slice your throat

Before you choke

Then cut out your tongue

Because Today You’re Done.

In the End I won.

I always Win,

It’s a Sin...

I truly possess the Darkened Evil with in.

sad poetry

About the author

devil racer

Writing poetry for 20 + yrs. My work is very dark, I have my own views and express them insanely deep with my poetry.

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