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Giving up, letting down

Hurting you.

By Hannah MoorePublished about a month ago 1 min read
Giving up, letting down
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You threw me off my game,

Coming in here round and pert and rolling in your affection,

So I didn't have to wonder if you meant it.

Only if I did.

And how much I did.

Or how much loving you

Was an idea.

How much loving you was about loving me,

And if loving me was worth it if I was not the kind of person

Who would love you


And mean it.

To mean it on the good days was never enough.

You meant it every day there was.

And I meant it enough that breaking your heart

Broke mine.

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Hannah Moore

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  • Joe O’Connor9 days ago

    Oof it’s heavy. The closing lines are especially poignant, and you’ve used the spacing here really nicely, especially when contrasting short and long.

  • D.K. Shepardabout a month ago

    This certainly packed a punch. And each line added another emotional layer of complexity. Very well done!

  • L.C. Schäferabout a month ago

    If I could give my younger self one bit of advice it would be, hold your self respect high, and smash hearts if that's what it takes. Even when your own heart breaks too.

  • Paul Stewartabout a month ago

    Ish...this is a hard read...but I feel we are pulled along by your just beautiful words. Well done.

  • Manisha Dhalaniabout a month ago

    Aww man, this was sad. But beautifully written!

  • Gabriela Trofin-Tatárabout a month ago

    So relatable, Hannah!

  • Grz Colmabout a month ago

    Ouch! Those last lines!! 😔👏

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I've had so many people where breaking their heart broke mine too, although it was just platonic. But I've never had anyone whose heart broke when they broke mine. Loved your poem!

  • John Coxabout a month ago

    This is crazy good, Hannah. Real, raw, honest. You see the world for what it is, not what we imagine it to be.

  • Caroline Cravenabout a month ago

    Oh Hannah. I felt my heart breaking a little too. This was excellent.

  • Tiffany Gordon about a month ago

    Excellent job!!

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Wow. Beautiful piece and those last two lines are heartbreaking.

  • Lamar Wigginsabout a month ago

    Whoa!!! I think my heart is broken as well after reading that. Loved it!

  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a month ago

    This was heartbreaking and surprising with that twist at the end!! Beautifully executed unexpected end to a "love" story!! I enjoyed this!!

  • Lana V Lynxabout a month ago

    Beautiful, I'm glad this was my first notification after the site was fixed.

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