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From Perfection -To Struggling

Inverse Challenge

By Cathy DeslippePublished 4 months ago 1 min read
From Perfection -To Struggling
Photo by Anahita Taei on Unsplash

Every existence is beautiful beyond compare.

From monarch butterflies and lavender scents.

The joyful sounds that mother nature brings to us.

Water flowing from the radiant rainforests.

Deers, foxes and eagles bring joy to the forest.

Perfection is everywhere to be found.

Walks upon the sandy clean beaches.

Hikes along the mountainsides.

Dancing in the streets.

Miles and miles of green growth,

Earths beauty.

Climate change.

Destruction of our land.

Wildfires destroying Mother Earth.

Polluting rivers and lakes.

Trees were chopped down, no homes for wildlife.

Landfill sights overflowing.

Wreckage from hurricanes.

Overly populated.

Not enough clean water to drink.

Mother Earth struggling to survive.

By Michael Held on Unsplash

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About the Creator

Cathy Deslippe

Catherine Deslippe

At the age of 7, I became an author. I am an international writer with many authors; all royalties went to cancer patients without insurance. I used to write to cope, but now I write to bring others hope.

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  • Joe O’Connor4 months ago

    Such a powerful image of the two worlds, and they very much contrast- the sad reality:/. “Mother Earth struggling to survive” is a profound end to this.

  • Novel Allen4 months ago

    So true Cathy. ny way you look at it, we are in trouble. Let us pray for better. Love the poetry.

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