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The Wireless Workplace

By Svilleg6Published 2 months ago 1 min read
From Blog to Brand
Photo by Bojitha Wimalasiri on Unsplash

My office? A corner desk, bathed in monitor's glow,

No suit and tie, just comfy clothes, a world unseen below.

The commute? A cup of coffee, brewed strong to chase the night,

My currency, not paper bills, but pixels, sharp and bright.

They scoff, the ones in cubicles, tied to the daily grind,

"Real work requires presence, a body you can find."

But tell them of the freedom, the hours I reclaim,

The chance to write, to craft, to build a digital domain.

It started as a hobby, a blog born from a whim,

Sharing passions, weaving words, a world unseen by them.

Then came the views, the comments, a slow and steady climb,

The whispers of monetization, a chance to beat back time.

Hours spent researching, learning the online game,

SEO, keywords, algorithms, a strategy all the same.

From ads, to sponsorship, a delicate web I spun,

Building an audience, trust, a battle hard-won.

The days are long, the nights can blur, chasing metrics' call,

But with each new follower, a victory, small but tall.

The joy of a sale, a product placed with care,

The knowledge that my efforts, a real income can share.

It's not a goldmine, not a path for all to tread,

But for the self-driven dreamer, a seed of hope is spread.

To turn a passion to profit, a hustle and a heart,

And build a life online, a brand to set us apart.

So let them scoff, let doubt reside in minds that can't conceive,

The future's a digital landscape, where some of us believe

That freedom and finances, in this new world, can meet,

And click by click, we build our dreams, on an online, boundless street.

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I wear many hats: entrepreneur, 5-star hospitality pro, and a passionate cook who loves whipping up delicious meals. Here, I share stories, tips, and inspiration for those on a similar journey. Join me for more creations.

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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Nice work. Keep it up.

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