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Frogs & Cookies

Couldn't the batter be flatter?

By Scott ChristensonPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

At the age of six, chocolate cookies are what my grandma gave me.

After hunting frogs, in the bog behind her house, getting a cookie is what we agree.

I'm seven-years-old now.

Am I such a rookie, all I get is a chocolate chip cookie?

Couldn’t the batter be flatter? Oatmeal might be nice.

Halloween can be spooky. Give me a pumpkin cookie!

The ginger spice is near. It's a chilly time of year!

Do I need an upside down cake? I know you ain't got time to bake. Brownies are nice! Even if you buy them at a really low price.

Piggly-wiggly isn’t far. Going there will keep grandpa away from the bar!

Now I’m 46. All I want is a chocolate chip cookie.

I don’t need other goodies, just grandma and her cookies.

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Scott Christenson

Born and raised in Milwaukee WI, living in Hong Kong. Hoping to share some of my experiences w short story & non-fiction writing. Have a few shortlisted on Reedsy:


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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (7)

  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    I baked upside down cake back in the day, maybe I should try it again. I do not like chocolate chips, I love chocolate and corn chips. But yep, i see your point. If my grandma had baked them, I would have loved them.

  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    I’m a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies, unfortunately I have to make them with carob chips since I can’t have caffeine. Loved your poem!

  • Joe Patterson3 months ago

    Makes you want cookies.

  • Kageno Hoshino3 months ago

    Well this took me back

  • Well written Scott, that one hits hard.

  • Awww, this was so nostalgic! Loved your poem so much!

  • Sid Aaron Hirji3 months ago

    sentimental snacks are the best--made with love

Scott ChristensonWritten by Scott Christenson

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