Freedom, They Call It...


Freedom, They Call It...

"Wake up brothers this isn't Paradise,

it looks like it's survival of the fittest out here.

Everyone is trying to show the world how their lives are doing really well and show off what things they own and shit.

But yet we forget that not really forget but we are still blind.

Looking at a brother walking around making money but yet he blind.

All he see is the stack of "mola" that he be making.

And out there so called the "Protectors" over us are putting bullets in us.

"To protect and serve" they say.

But all I see is control and patrol.

And some of us are just too blind to really see what's happening right in front of our eyes.

Yet you still wonder how we came to be.

walking around making stacks yet still asleep.

We gotta wake up and do something about this.

They say true justice in the eyes of the law.

And say that every man is innocent until proven guilty, but know... that only applies on a white man.

"The majority" the say

And for us "The minority" it's the other way.

we are guilty until proven innocent.

Even then, you better try not to get shot at.

They make it seem as if we were fed violence in our baby bottles.

DNAs which painted Targets on our baby bodies.

And you still wonder how we got here?

It's the new ERA.

Golden AGE as you may call it

This is the be ERA.

killing us inside is the new way out.

The news and the Media have it all.

They fear a strong minority and that's not all.

You shouldn't feel the need to wanna change your natural hair.

put on fake blue eye or even follow anorexic standard of beauty just to fit in.


We will forever be niggas and monkeys to these motherfuckers.

Forever getting guned down in the streets.

And their excuse being "oh he was resisting an arrest."

Treated as if we're the minority and inhuman.

wake up brothers and sisters.

What the fuck up.

wake up all I see is bloodshed.

Wake up and rise for the injustice of your people.

Stop putting so much emphasis on how well you shining and blinged up.

Man all that don't mean shit.

Y'all need to wake up and see shit.

Your account balance won't be on your tomb stone​.

And that's some real shit.

People are gonna take this in and find a way to see hate and hypocrisy in my words.

But no...coz my attitude is caused by the love of my people not by the hatred of others."

social commentary
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