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Four. Twenty-One.

Look how far.

By Jenny SalPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Four. Twenty One.

Look how far we've come my love, where have we been and where have we gone? I know we have experienced it all. The most beautiful days and the darkest of nights.

Who are we now? And what have we become?

Look how far we've come my love. Where does it begin? And where did we start? The more we gave, the less we got. If I could pour my soul out into this world I could write countless poems, sonnets, and ballads for you.

Look how far we've come my love. You've traversed past the inner workings of my mind and engraved yourself into my heart. The weight of the words "I love you" has become so heavy that I must always let it out.

Look how far we've come my love. In a world barren of these emotions, are we not human just like them? Then why do we want more than that and not to play pretend? To be with the one person we have found and share it all until the end of time.

Look how far we've come my love. You have become my muse, my creativity, my inspiration to make words so true. In a time where these expressions have ceased to exist, it's you who makes them last. Time after time my mind is always on you, every day I awake I wish the first word from my mouth is forever your name.

Look how far we've come my love. You've made this ditzy girl into a jovial poet experienced in things she knows not of. These words that escape me are foreign and I feel that I cannot control them, what have you done to me and what can I do?

Look how far we've come my love. From hell I would escape to come back to you, and from heaven I would leave it's beauty for you. There is nothing in this world I wouldn't do to keep you. Nothing in this world could steer me away, for I just want to be by your side until I die.

Look how far we've come my love. There are days when the hurt and pain of our past mistakes becomes heavy and we begin to question who we are and what we are doing anymore. But thinking of all the beautiful days with you takes over it all, and pushes me to spend eternity with you.

Look how far we've come my love. I've been broken, battered, bruised, and beat by my own heart. It feels more than it should and more than it ever will after these days spent by your side. Just when I think my feelings could not grow any stronger, this heart of mine appears to grow in size.

Look how far we've come my love. Who am I to give up, and who am I to give in? I have nothing but love in this soul for you and these two souls of ours have blended radiantly together and illuminated this colorless world. Together we would paint this place to match our endless dreams.

Look how far we've come my love. Look at the beginning and never our end. We are the embodiment of the mind, heart, and soul. The countless love stories before us are our predecessors and we are their present. Let us not let this love be in vain, for it is unending and undying.

Look how far we've come my love. Look how far we've come. I've opened up this heart for you and other than you, there is none. Let's fly together in this life and fulfill all of our dreams. Let's show this world that love hasn't left, it's only faintly asleep.

Look how far we've come my love. My tears begin to flow, the sight of my wedding gown is too much to take in for I am in awe of this moment. The promise we've made to be side by side has made my heart cry for joy, and relief has lastly swept over me, and the insecurities have been let go.

Look how far we've come my love. How gayly everyone is, we've finally made the step my dear, we are promising forever. Let this day last my entire life through because I want to be in this timeless moment til my last breath. We've been around the ringer and nothing has ever taken us away from this.

Look how far we’ve come my love. Look how far we’ve come. Dreams turned into reality, til infinity we have become one.

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Jenny Sal

Welcome! I always suck at bios but here goes. I love writing, it’s come passionately since I was about 12. That’s when I became a peak anime and video game nerd. I dabble in short stories and poetry :)

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