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Forever Yours

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By Ward NorcuttPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 2 min read
Forever Yours
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Dear Poetry,

I had no idea how difficult this would be. I have started this letter to you fourteen times and have discarded all of those attempts. I am writing to you to try to tell you how I feel about you. This is a love letter, plain and simple.


I have read and been advised that love, real love, is a choice. As a grown man, father and husband, I understand that. When my boys were born, my capacity to love grew Grinch-like, each time. I had no idea I could love so fiercely. My love for my wife has grown into a steadfast communion of trust and communication, something I avoided most of my life. She is my confidante and best friend, my partner. I love her with all my heart, but she is not my only lover, because there is you. You are something entirely different.


You are my mystery. You are never the same. You hide invisible in plain sight, inside a moment within the divine creation of now.


And I don’t always find you when I look for you. I don’t always touch you when I reach for you. But when I do find you and touch you, every time, every single time, is like the first time. You touch my heart and soul like a first kiss. Every time! How can that be? It’s electric and sweet and squeezes my heart so hard, with a caress so pure that I brim to overflowing. I flutter like a schoolboy and soar all at once. Nothing and no one else can do this; there is only ever a first time once, but not with you. Just thinking you and I long for you. I feel the anticipation of you as we lean into each other, knowing it will ever be the first time we kissed.


I always hear you when you speak. When you grace another with a brush of your lips, I feel it as well. It was what made me search for you. I read and reread, think and rethink your affairs with these oh-so-many others and I cannot help but tingle and sigh. I lose myself even in your embrace of another. I do not get jealous. I accept that you are beyond my ownership or any other’s. I am only ever blessed to be in your company.


Even so, I pray that I might again be first upon the wonderful discovery of your creation and taste for myself the sweet agony of your lips.


Forever yours,

a writer

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Ward Norcutt

Playwright and poet.

My goal as a writer is to write thoughtful pieces of prose, poetry and stage plays. Hopefully, the end results are entertaining and engaging, with layers of meaning that make sense to the whole or a theme therein.

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  • Andrei Z.11 months ago

    Eloquently delivered message. Hope this letter found Poetry well. I myself don't really know how I feel about poetry. I do enjoy writing it, but never take it very seriously; it feels amusing to be able to find proper rhymes and rhythms to say things you want to say. But I never really enjoyed reading poetry much. Even if it sounds beautiful, it so often feels like beating around the bush. In my (subjective) opinion, prose is much more efficient in many respects.

  • L.C. Schäfer12 months ago

    Maaaaaax! Fetch my sedative! I'M FEELING! ❤

  • Melissa Ingoldsby12 months ago

    I agree with your sentiments here. Poetry is our lover, so cruel and deeply engrained inside of us, passionate she gives us everything and her nothing

  • Ward, you did a great job with this poem. You asked for critique. I loved the mystery of the poem. It kept me reading to the end hoping the mystery would be revealed. Maybe you gave a slight hint. I think I may know what you are implying but not really. I do understand about letting the reader use their imagination and come to their own conclusions as to what a poem means. I was just hoping for a little bit more about bone a throne at me so I could have more of an idea as to what you were thinking and were you or going with this poem. That's why I kept reading because I wanted to know exactly what or who this is. But I can't really complain you did an excellent job in writing this poem. One other thing I may have done to just slightly different is in the opening. This is a little thing. But in the line: "I am writing to you to try to tell you how I feel about you." I would have cut it down to: "I am writing to tell you how I feel about you." As I read that opening part I got stuck for a second on that line trying to keep the flow of the words.

  • Cathy holmes12 months ago

    Oh, this is so beautiful and creative. Well done.

  • C. H. Richard12 months ago

    Poetry is so close yet elusive. Well done ❤️

  • Kristen Balyeat12 months ago

    Such perfect sentiments!!! Totally agree- poetry’s touch is addictive, painfully so. Beautiful job, Ward! Love this! 💫

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