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Who is your father?

By M.J. HUMPHREYPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In the realm of love, one figure stands tall,

A beacon of strength, the dearest of all.

With wisdom and kindness that knows no end,

A father's love, a priceless gift to comprehend.

Oh, father dear, with your warm embrace,

You've filled my life with boundless grace.

Your gentle words, a soothing melody,

Guide my path and set my spirit free.

From the moment of my first breath's sigh,

Your presence has been a lullaby.

Through childhood's laughter and tears we shared,

Your love, unwavering, always declared.

In your arms, I found a safe retreat,

A harbor where worries and fears would fleet.

Your steady hand, a fortress of might,

Guided me through the darkest night.

You taught me strength, through triumph and loss,

To rise above, no matter the cost.

With unwavering love, you held my hand,

Leading me towards dreams, where possibilities expand.

You carried burdens on your broad shoulders,

And nurtured dreams as they grew bolder.

With patience and passion, you showed the way,

That love and dedication should never sway.

Through tales at bedtime and stories of old,

You painted worlds of wonder untold.

With twinkling eyes and a smile so wide,

You lit up my world, my joy multiplied.

In your presence, time seemed to stall,

As we shared laughter, the greatest gift of all.

From playful banter to heartfelt talks,

You listened, understood, and healed life's knocks.

Your voice, a melody that resonates within,

Inspiring dreams, igniting passions hidden.

With every word, you nurtured my soul,

Guiding me towards my destined role.

You taught me values, integrity, and grace,

To stand tall and never let dreams erase.

You showed me the beauty in life's simple pleasures,

To treasure every moment, be it treasures or measures.

Through your eyes, I've witnessed love's true form,

A father's embrace, forever warm.

You've instilled in me a love that's pure,

A love that endures, forever secure.

In the tapestry of life, your love weaves,

A thread of devotion that never leaves.

From childhood's innocence to adulthood's embrace,

Your love, a constant, a guiding grace.

Oh, father dear, in this heartfelt rhyme,

I honor you, for your love divine.

You are the pillar, the anchor, the star,

Guiding me, no matter how near or far.

So, here's to you, my beloved father,

Whose love remains an eternal tether.

In your arms, I'll forever find solace and calm,

For you are the epitome of love's sweet balm.

In every beat of my heart, your love will reside,

A love that fills me with joy and pride.

For you, my father, are the embodiment of love,

Sent from the heavens, a gift from above.

In the tapestry of my life, your love remains,

Etched in my heart, an unbreakable chain.

Thank you, my dear father, for all that you do,

For being the epitome of love, forever true.

As time moves forward, and life's paths untwist,

Know that your love will always persist.

For you, my father, are the cornerstone,

The embodiment of love, forever known.

So, let this poem be a tribute to you,

My loveable father, strong and true.

May these words serve as a grateful expression,

Of the depth of my love and eternal affection.

In every word, in every verse I write,

I honor you, my father, with all my might.

For you are the hero of my life's grand play,

Forever cherished, both night and day.

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