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Jollof Rice

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By M.J. HUMPHREYPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
Jollof Rice
Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

In the realm of culinary delights,

Where flavors blend and taste ignites,

There resides a dish of pure delight,

The legendary Jollof Rice takes flight.

From the shores of West Africa's land,

A treasure crafted by skilled hands,

Jollof Rice, a vibrant sensation,

A culinary masterpiece, a source of elation.

In a pot, the journey begins,

With onions dancing and garlic grins,

Tomatoes burst with a scarlet hue,

Infusing the base with flavors true.

Spices whisper, their secrets unfold,

A symphony of tastes, a story untold,

Chili, thyme, and ginger unite,

Adding warmth and depth, a pure delight.

The star of the show, the rice appears,

Parboiled perfection, dispelling all fears,

Immersed in a sea of rich tomato blend,

Embracing the flavors, ready to ascend.

Vegetables join in harmonious glee,

Carrots and peppers, a colorful spree,

Peas and green beans, fresh and crisp,

Each bite a moment of pure bliss.

But wait, the pièce de résistance is near,

The chicken or beef, succulent and clear,

Marinated with love, tender and divine,

Enhancing the Jollof, a taste so fine.

The aroma dances in the air,

Seducing taste buds without compare,

Wafting whispers of flavors bold,

A symphony of spices, a story untold.

With eager anticipation, plates are set,

The feast commences, no time to fret,

Scooping a mountain, a glorious mound,

Jollof Rice, a treasure that knows no bound.

Each grain, an ambassador of delight,

Tantalizing taste buds, a wondrous sight,

The rice, fluffy and infused with zest,

A celebration of flavors, a culinary fest.

From Nigeria to Ghana, Senegal to Mali,

Jollof Rice unites, a dish so jolly,

Family and friends gather 'round,

To savor the Jollof, the king profound.

With every bite, memories are made,

Shared laughter and joy will never fade,

Jollof Rice, a symbol of togetherness,

A testament to love and culinary finesse.

So, let us raise our spoons up high,

To the dish that makes our spirits fly,

Jollof Rice, a true culinary treasure,

Bringing people together in gustatory pleasure.

In the realm of culinary delights,

Jollof Rice shines, casting its light,

A symphony of flavors, a true sensation,

Jollof Rice, the pride of our nations.

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