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Fixing A Broken Mirror

Where Change Starts

By Josh MorganPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Fixing A Broken Mirror
Photo by Klim Musalimov on Unsplash

My worst enemy, it's scary to see how much he resembles me

Maybe that's why he's not scared of me, because he knows me

Or rather, he used to, he always knew everything I would always do

But this time, I'll show him something he's not used to

And there won't be anything he can do to stop me

Nothing he can say, he'll just have to watch me

Because "real eyes, realize, real lies"

My own enemy, everyday he stares me in my eyes

But I wont shed a tear, I won't show a glimpse of fear

This is the 22nd year, we've been enemies, and it stops here

The only man I couldn't beat, I can finally see his defeat

Soon to be my greatest feat, to see him dead at my feet

Soon I'll be able to sleep, in peace, knowing he's resting in peace

And all of his wickedness has finally come to cease

Now there's a new man in the mirror, and he looks just like me

Here to help me, help me see other enemies, he's looking out for me

Different from his predecessor, not to be a predator

More like a guide, a professor, to keep me balanced, a regulator

Fighting not against me, but with me, against new enemies

The man in the mirror, I see him and I smile, and he smiles with me

I can see much clearer, with every mile, he's with me

Maybe, it's because he looks just like me

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About the Creator

Josh Morgan

I began writing as a means of expressing creativity, relieving stress, and venting emotions. I mention my daily battle with mental health a lot, I hope it is relatable and inspiring to readers, as writing is something I'm passionate about.

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