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Fish Carcass

fish remains express farewell to a blade battle

By bishnu prasadPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Fish Carcass
Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash

fish remains

express welcome to pork skin

+ arborio rice

while castaway caraway puree returns

home to take apart withered carrot

from its spread + spice remainders

fish remains

express farewell to a blade battle

between under-marinated onion cut

+ squandered redbor kale

in the midst of a weapon fight between

barbecued salmon + paprika

fish body

express goodnight to electrolytes + magnesium

as a synthetic irregularity takes

place inside the marginal cod meat

fish remains

say great morning to hostile to iron + orange alcohol

whose pre-contingent love for salt + harshness

suggestive of caviar + pancetta vinaigrette

has put quail eggs

under the cloche

fish corpse

express early afternoon to emu eggs while

the sun spins

inside a wanton crate of

fish sauce without making

the plastic sleeping cushion, stroll in

fridge, + bacon sabayon

understand left

fish remains

say incandescently happy

say egginess

say shell-stunned

say cornichon

let's assume it angelo

say italian meringue

say calf liver

express republic of georgia

say lavash

say interstate turnips

say succotash

say yuzu preserves

say overcooked quail

say gourmet specialist teah evans

say fish head

say into a barrel

say bacon fat

say child corn

say flavor profile

say with triumph

say the divine beings are with me

say no guts no magnificence

say didn't emerge

express story on a plate

love poemsnature poetryfact or fiction

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