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First Love

(First Heartbreak)

By Poppy Published 2 years ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read

My first love was

Eyes seeing me when

The rest of the world

Didn’t notice me

Standing in the shadows


My first love was

Genuine laughter and

Pointless conversations

That meant everything to me


My first love was

Greetings in hallways and

Waves across crowded rooms


My first love was

Mumbled words

And shy smiles

Lit up faces and

Constant daydreams


My first love was

My first heartbreak

Sleepless nights

Blurry eyes

Shaky smiles

And eyes looking

At the ground


My first heartbreak

Was sad songs

And blankets at midday

It was insecurities

And emptied hope


It was shattering hearts

And poisonous thoughts

Lightless stars

Oceans of tears

And love letters

Stuffed into dusty drawers


My first love

Was the person

I thought you were

And my first heartbreak

Was the person you

Turned out to be


You were a daydream

That was never real

A home that burnt down

A memory that never mattered

And a butterfly flying

Just out of reach


You are the scars

On my heart and

The hesitation in my words

When someone asks me about love


You are my demons

And my fears and

The silences that

Suffocate me


My first love and heartbreak

Were my darkest days

And the overwhelming idea

That I was not enough


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