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A Fated Ending

By Poppy the PoetPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

We are in a movie

Two actors smiling

Like they’re in love and

Swearing that they’re not

You are reading the script

And I am begging to see

The last words of it

Does it all come down to

‘Goodbye’ or ‘I love you’

Maybe both, maybe silence


We are in a song

Two voices harmonizing

Singing about romance but

Promising the lyrics aren’t

Based on any truths

You’re strumming the guitar

And I’m hoping the bridge

Offers the kind of hope

The chorus couldn’t


We are in a dance

Arms tangled, fingers locked, toes tapping

Following the kind of steps

We’re too scared to ignore

You’re focused on the footwork

And I’m begging you to spin me

Under your arm and pull me closer

But that’s not what the instructions say


We are in a poem

The kind that sound like this one

You’re doing who knows what

And I’m writing this, hoping

One day you’ll read it and

Change the ending


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